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We truly appreciate ALL of the feedback provided by our customers. We frequently update our product offerings based on suggestions provided to us. The goal of is to make sending creative care packages to your missionary fun, simple, fast and affordable.

Customer Comments

Kori 6/04/2012
Called2Serve was wonderful with helping me send a package to my son on his birthday. They had a great selection of goodies and gifts.
Norma 6/02/2012
I like the ease of sending some goodies to the MTC
Ashleigh 5/30/2012
The prices are a lot fairer then other sites I’ve seen. It means families in all sorts of financial situations have the chance to send gifts. Thank you for that! =)
Janet 5/24/2012
I have used Called2Serve for several years. Great company!
Cathy 5/18/2012
Your service makes it possible to spoil our missionary a little. Thank you.
Patti 5/09/2012
What a great idea! We love to have the opportunity to share delicious food with these wonderful young people that are sharing the gospel. Living so far away makes it impossible to share fresh goodies. Thanks again.
Keny 5/06/2012
Your ordering system to the MTC is far superior to your competitors.
Kristin 4/27/2012
Thank you for being so affordable the other site is very expensive.
Elna 4/23/2012
Thanks for all you’re doing. I love this service and recommend to everyone!!
Larry 4/05/2012
Very easy way to send goodies to our missionary!
Tanya 4/01/2012
Wish this company was around when my oldest son was serving a mission! A great way to add a special touch anytime during the year.
Kelly 3/24/2012
On time delivery and completely satisfied with quality of items ordered
Lani 3/20/2012
Very Convenient
Cassell 3/16/2012
Its a very good service and so convenient!
Anonymous 3/08/2012
My son is just recently in the MTC and I love this option of getting them a ‘treat’!!
Lisa 3/05/2012
So far, so good! The web site was excellent. Hopefully Elder Johnson will agree about the food!
Michael 3/02/2012
Great and easy for Grandpa and Grandma
Ron 2/28/2012
We are serving far from the MTC and we found this an excellant way to support our missionary friend from far away
Monique 2/23/2012
The items here are less expensive than **** I was pleasantly surprised at the cost difference because it is nice to send your missionary a little treat. thanks.
Laurel 2/23/2012
I’m delighted to have the service available. I’ve heard good things about it.
Jonni 2/19/2012
Thank you so much for being there for our missionaries…
Susan 2/14/2012
Great Service!
Jenna 2/13/2012
I liked that I could put a message to my missionary in with the purchase. Thanks!
Adam 2/11/2012
I was surprised that there wasn’t more options for pretty much every category BUT what was there was great and you provide an excellent, reliable service, thank you
Kelsey 2/09/2012
I was so excited for the baked goods your site offers! Such a personal touch makes a missionary’s week!
Leian 2/08/2012
Thank you! I’m a first time mom of a Missionary and we miss him very much and are very happy that there is a service like this when we are so far away!
Gloria 2/03/2012
Called2Serve is an awesome way to get packages to my missionary fast.
Sherrill 1/13/2012
A fast way to show you care
Corryn 1/05/2012
I have used this service before when my older son was in the MTC and the mission field.I was thrilled to see it was still up and running now that my youngest son is there and I want to get him a care package quickly. I was relieved and happy that there is no shipping charge to the MTC…Its a great service thx
Sherrill 12/31/2011
Nice to do for your missionary
Katy 12/22/2011
Great facility, especially for family members ordering abroad. Quick and easy and brilliant you can send a letter with your package too that will arrive almost immediately!
Jen 12/20/2011
Knowing that the missionaries will most likely not be home, it would be great to have the “delivery without signature” option for FedEx. Otherwise, seems like a great service! I like the option to choose different items. Can’t wait to hear what our Elder thinks!
Susan 12/19/2011
I have recommended to several family members and friends. Your site saves time and money. Excellent!!
Jean 12/15/2011
Thank you so much for helping me send my baby something!
Lolene 12/13/2011
Easy way to send a gift
Karen 11/27/2011
I love that you gave me a choice on packaging colors and adding my own personal note.
Lindsay 11/19/2011
you guys are GREAT!
Marie 11/17/2011
So quick and easy, I almost feel guilty not spending more time to get treats to my son/missionary.
Debbie 11/17/2011
You made a cake for one of my sons in September and he said it was great! So Im sending the same thing to my oldest son. Thanks
Sue 11/16/2011
I have recommended to several friends and family members. I love your services and products.
Gayla 11/06/2011
Was really easy and i can rest now. I know it will get to our missionary with no problem..
Rodney 11/03/2011
Love all the different things you offer. Not only packages but also single items also. My dtr is allergic to chocolate so most of the baskets are out but the singles are in.
Julie 10/11/2011
This site is lots of fun! I love it! Thank you!
Kim 10/08/2011
Excellent! Thank you for a great service!
Elizabeth 10/05/2011
Could you please add some Gluten free baked goods and/or snacks too? AWESOME 🙂
Anonymous 9/29/2011
Always great to work with and so helpful when I call.
Jennifer 9/29/2011
I had a package sent to my sister before, and she loved it. She was very impressed with the packageing. My nieces thought that my mom made the cookies and they all thought I actually packed everything myself. I told my sister we ordered it from your website, but we just let my nieces belive mom made the cookies!
Lance 9/28/2011
Better Ties would be a huge seller, the ties that LDS websites offer are not very good. Thing about, there is not a whole lot you can buy a missionaries but ties, shoes, socks, food, white shirts., Ties are the most expressive and fun.
Gordon 9/09/2011
Great company…thank you!
Shari 9/01/2011
great selection!
Debbie 8/16/2011
What a great idea! A nice and easy way to send a package to our missionaries.
Anne 8/12/2011
Love your site!
Karen 8/09/2011
Easy to find and easy to check out
Emily 8/01/2011
Great service! love the next day delivery to the MTC!!
Amy 7/30/2011
Thank You so very much for offering this service!
Annette 7/26/2011
I have used this website for years, to send packages to at least 60 missionaries, it is awesome
John 7/14/2011
Thank you for providing such an excellent service! I forgot it was Elder Benson’s birthday until today and was so happy to have found “Called2Serve” to get something to him on his special day, just a couple days before he leaves to conquer Romania!
Anonymous 7/11/2011
Thanks for not charging for shipping costs!
Cindy 7/01/2011
This website and delivery process is soooooo easy to send to my missionary in the MTC. Love the fact that I can get them fresh baked cinnamon rolls and Krispy Kremes the same day they’re baked!!
Neil 6/27/2011
This is a fantastic service for people in the uk who can’t pay us prices to have gifts delivered. We were impressed when we used you for our son two years ago and have recommended you to a number of people since.
Jackie 6/06/2011
You were able to add things that would specialize for your own missionary. There were a number of packages to choose from.
Cathy 5/08/2011
This idea is a wonderful one. We want to be able to support our nephew and this is a fun, easy way to do it. Thanks!
Anonymous 5/02/2011
Quite excited to find another website to send care packages to my missionary son. Really like the ability to choose what goes into the package. Thanks for your service. I’ll be using your website again. Thanks!
Ed 4/22/2011
Great resource
Lisa 4/20/2011
Keep adding products – baking goods that will remind Elders/Sisters of home.
Cynthia 4/20/2011
Nice website!
Brittany 4/17/2011
Janna 4/01/2011
Reasonable prices and a good variety of items – – Things my son really wants!
Cheryl 3/29/2011
Love you guys…. just wish there was a discount for return customers…
Gail 3/29/2011
Just makes it nice and easy to send in to MTC.
Barbara 3/24/2011
I have tried to call several times with questions, but I never get to speak to a person. It just puts me to a message machine. I would love to have been able to speak to a person, regarding my qustions. My compliment is that I love that you guys deliver so promptly and I like that I get a confirmation when the item has been delivered to the Provo MTC! Awesome! Love it! And my missionary loved what he has received. Thanks!
Greg 3/24/2011
It’s all good
Joan 3/15/2011
Thank you for providing this service!
Barbara 3/11/2011
I like the donut idea! Something different! I hope it gets there quickly and then I’ll be super thrilled!!
Shawna 3/11/2011
Super easy site to navigate!!
Danielle 3/10/2011
This is a great and convenient way to send stuff to your missionary. And it saved me a trip to the store!
Anonymous 3/07/2011
I think it is great that we can order packages for our missionaries at the MTC.
Cynthia 3/03/2011
Nice website, easy to find items, prices are fair!
Shawna 3/11/2011
Super easy site to navigate!!
Rachel 2/22/2011 was very useful in finding the best package for my missionary only days before he leaves into the field! The prices were much lower then other sites and were easy to find. I will definetely use this site again!
Dave 2/16/2011
On some of the product pages you listed your competitors. I visited each site and found that you provided the most value. Good for you!
Linda 2/16/2011
Healthy foods are good, thank you
Bob 2/13/2011
Love the donuts
Anonymous 2/02/2011
Appreciate this service.
Cynthia 1/17/2011
Great selection & prices!
Heather 1/03/2011
What a great service!!! Keep up the good work!
Anonymous 12/10/2011
Relatively easy selection and check out process. Much cheaper than the other store out there.
Linda 12/20/2010
Well done
Cynthia 1/17/2011
Great selection & prices!
Crystal 12/15/2010
AWESOME! Much better options that the other websites!
Sandra 12/13/2010
Thank you for making it so easy to order and affordable to purchase! I love the idea that they get their “goodies” right away!
Julie 12/11/2010
Not a Church member but many friends have been on missions & I use it when I can, I know I can trust it will get to them fresh & quick as possible. I like the baskets with great choices they like! Good site. I’d love to try the baked goods myself!
Anonymous 11/23/2010
I’ve order from two other competitors and this site had more products and better prices. Thank you!
Debbie 11/09/2010
I wanted to order just a half dozen cinnamon rolls, but they did not complete the minimum order requirement. I ended up with a dozen but wish I could have just ordered 6 (and will probably only send one package now instead of two)I did order a half dozen once for my daughter so this requirement must be new? My daughter said they were unbelievably huge and so fresh and delicious…such a great surprise for her to get as she is 2800 miles from home and homemade! Thanks!!
Bernice 11/08/2010
The packages I have sent from Called2Serve comparing to other sights have been my son’s most favorite packages.
Laurie 11/04/2010
Thank you so much for your great products and services! We really apprecitate being able to have items delivered right to our missionary!! It has been such a great option having this for our daughter again. I have used your company many times through the years, when our older daughter was serving and with other missionaries from our ward and family.
Randy 10/19/2010
Best pricing, great selections, what more could you ask!
Cindy 10/05/2010
We have purchased through your internet service before, soothes a mom’s soul as her son begins his service.
Cheryl 10/04/2010
If you were to have another answer for #3…. it should read, ‘HECK YEAH’
Lauren 10/03/2010
Great service!
Annita 9/23/2010
I love your services
Jill 9/11/2010
Lots of variety!
Bernice 9/07/2010
I wish there were more choices but, I love everything you have. Will defintely use this again!!
Cortnie 8/12/2010
Thank you for providing this service. It makes being thoughtful and keeping in touch so much easier!
Laura 8/11/2010
I am so grateful you are in business. Makes things much easier!
Michelle 8/11/2010
Wish you delivered on Saturday…Oh Well…Still love your company!!!
Michelle 8/04/2010
What a great find. Thank you so much for your service. I love that I don’t have to spend a huge amount to show a loved one I care.
Melanie 7/24/2010
It was great. Thank you for providing the service.
Jason 7/23/2010
Overall very satisfied! I found it cheaper to go through you guys than shipping a package myself from Henderson, NV!
Larry 7/11/2010
Great way to support your missionary!
Cherie 6/11/2010
Thanks for making it easy to show my missionary I remember him!
Leonard 6/09/2010
Thanks. I thought ordering was simple.
Lisa 6/07/2010
I was feeling guilty because I haven’t sent a package to my son in a few weeks. Your company makes it so easy to take care of!
Annette 6/05/2010
Thanks for the free shipping to the MTC!
Julie 5/27/2010
Great idea and a service to all families who have missionaries out!
Mike 5/19/2010
You have developed a great way to share our love with all our wonderful missionaries!!
Diana 5/06/2010
You provide a great service to parents who do not live close to the MTC.
Bobbi 4/27/2010
Great Service! It would be easier to look for items if they were all on one page/catagory so you don’t have to choose additional pages and wait for them to load.
Shawna 4/27/2010
My son loves the packages he gets from Called to Serve and I love how easy and convenient it is to send him packages through Called to Serve.
Jay 4/23/2010
Easy to use! So convenient and completed in less than 60 seconds. Woohoo!
Kelli 4/20/2010
It has been wonderful eveytime I order!!
Carolyn 4/15/2010
My order was international and this was my first time ordering so I had some questions,called the customer help line and was very pleased with the help I received.
Lani 3/30/2010
I’m a 17-year-old who has friends entering the MTC. I love being able to send them something nice for the holidays! The site is so easy to use and the prices and products are great.
Quinn 3/25/2010
Thanks for providing the service.
Julie 03/11/2010
Keep it up!! I love having you available to get my son things. It is like an extension of my family delivering things to him.
Kathleen 02/19/2010
You must try this service. It is so easy to use and your missionary will be thrilled when his/her package arrives.
Amy 02/11/2010
Makes it easy, Thanks.
Lisa 03/11/2010
Thank you for what you do. It is a great service to us missionary moms who are missing our kids tremendously.
Kevin 02/10/2010
My son was thrilled with the rolls…”almost as good as grandma’s”, which is a grand compliment!
Adriana 02/06/2010
More excited, very easy and fast to buy. Congratulations
Elaine 02/05/2010
Special Congratulations, I love it!
Joan 01/31/2010
I use Called2serve for missionaries and college students. Thank you so much
Sue 01/30/2010
Thank you. Easy to order & user friendly site.
Dorice 01/25/2010
My grandson enjoyed all of the goodies sent through this website and it was an easy process to use.
Rhonda 01/7/2010
Excellent Site!!!
Tamera 12/10/2009
I wish I would have known about this site sooner
Sherry 11/29/2009
Love it Thanks!
Peter 11/24/2009
Thanks Jamie for doing a rush order at the last minute!
Melissa 10/30/2009
Cheaper than other MTC care package companies. Better selection too! Thank you!
Angela 10/26/2009
A few more products to select from would be great. Esp. gum! Really like that you include a note and colored papers (that we get to pick color choice) with your packages. Little extra touches like that make your site a favorite.
Sherry 10/26/2009
I love the variety of add-ons! Keep the unique stuff available to add fun to a care package.
Lori 10/24/2009
I really like how easy it is to choose your own items.
Cindy 10/22/2009
Ordering on the internet is much more convenient for me than by phone however, I often need to order for multiple people and I cannot do that without waiting 8 hours between each order.
Cris 10/16/2009
The Tums and Beano are such great products to offer ~ thank you!
Kaylynne 10/5/2009
I love it!!! It is easy to use and I love how the mission office is provided! Great service!! Will use this site again and again!!!
Angie 10/1/2009
I appreciate the HUGE selection of items available for my missionary. I love the next-day service since I live 5-mail-days away.
Janet 9/28/2009
I truly do love to use your company for fresh baked goodies to the missionaries at the MTC! Thanks!
JoLene 9/19/2009
Your prices are very good and your packaging is festive; my missionary has commented several times how fun it is to receive the packages.
Jennifer 9/18/2009
Great way to let our new missionary know we are thinking of him!
Carolyn 9/14/2009
Called2Serve is excellent value for money, and very simple to use.
Kathryn 9/13/2009
Thanks for great service.
Kathleen 9/11/2009
Wonderful service, easy to use and a great boost for the missionaries.
Eleni 9/10/2009
Excellent service!
Laura 9/10/2009
We love the service. We were hoping for a little more creative hump day ideas, but generally satisfied.
Alan 9/08/2009
I love it! Great to send homemade goodies to the Elders especially Krispy Kreme Doughnuts!
Debbi 9/1/2009
I am so thankful you provide this service.
Jeri 8/30/2009
Great Selection!
JoLene 8/25/2009
Simple, Festive and Appropriate!
Claudia 8/24/2009
My first time to use your service it was fast and easy. Thanks
Barbara 8/19/2009
Love the idea for the mtc
Carolyn 8/9/2009
I’ve already recommended it to lots of people!
Stuart 8/5/2009
This is a great service you are providing! It is nice to be able to start with a standard package and customize it.
Debi 8/2/2009
I love that I can send my boys (I have two there at the same time!) goodies anytime I want!
Tammy 7/30/2009
Thank you so much for providing this service. It’s a nice thing for us to be able to share fun things with our missionaries.
Rauna 7/27/2009
Thanks for helping me to spoil my missionary. You have made it very simple yet personal for my missionary.
Carolyn 7/18/2009
I have already advertised called2serve on facebook, and emailed other missionary mothers about it. Excellent products and service and very competitively priced.
Brenda 7/14/2009
This is totally an awesome site! Thanks for helping us out in sending something special to our son!
Diane 7/09/2009
I love the ease of your service.
Danielle 7/1/2009
I love the ability to customize the items. Your staff is very helpful on the phone and was able to rush my last minute gift. You guys are great!
Deborah 6/25/2009
I am happy to have this option, Thanks
Katie 6/25/2009
Great site! Love it, an easy way to send packages to the MTC without the shipping costs internationally.
John 6/24/2009
IBC Root Beer is great.
Kathleen 6/11/2009
Awesome! I have used it for my sons and my nephew!
Rauna 6/10/2009
This is a great service. Thanks for free shipping to the MTC
Shellie 6/2/2009
This is a great way to get fresh delish items quickly to my missionary. I want him to know I think of him everyday.
Linda 5/26/2009
Our son is at the Provo MTC. We use Called2Serve once a week to send our son a package. We have found that it is cheaper than putting our own package together. With the free shipping to the Provo MTC…you just can’t go wrong! The Barton Family
Dawn 5/10/2009
This website is VERY user friendly and what a wonderful way to be able to send items to loved ones without even having to leave your home. Excellent!!
Sherri 5/8/2009
This is a great service that you provide. Even though we live in Utah, we aren’t able to bake and ship items to our Elder within the same day. And they love to receive packages in the MTC!
Terilynn 5/2/2009
I like the option of adding a tie with my orders
Katie 4/26/2009
I like how convenient this is to look stuff up on your website and choose what to send to a missionary.
Tracy 4/3/2009
Alison 4/1/2009
Thanks for the reminders of upcoming events
Debbie 3/31/2009
Love them! Sometimes it is a little expensive so I watch for some stuff that is cheap.
Mark 3/21/2009
Tracy 3/20/2009
Janine 3/18/2009
This site is such a nice surprise to see the ability to send Donuts! KRISPY CREAM DONUTS….
Carmen 3/17/2009
Very fast & easy way to send stuff to your favorite missionary!
Kalleen 3/14/2009
I really didn’t peruse your site that much. I knew what I wanted and went straight there. Everything was straight-forward enough. I’ll have to look more in depth next time. Love the service though. Wish I would’ve come up with this idea!!!
Amy 03/09/2009
So excited! Now I can be “Super Aunt”!!!
Anthony 02/26/2009
This was my first experience with CustomCarePackage, and ordering was easy.
Cynthia 02/05/2009
My kids love your cookies!!
Anne 01/25/2009
Love your service. Have used it before and will be using it for at least the next…2 years!
Sandra 01/16/2009
Awesome, especially for the men and women in black or blue! Thanks!
Amy 01/04/2009
Very excited to use this service. Easy and lots of items.
Lynn 01/01/2009
2nd time we have used this service, love it, got there next day, thx so much.
Wendy 12/26/2008
Great service!
Dawn 12/10/2008
User Friendly!
Carmel 11/18/2008
Thank you so much for this great service to our special missionaries.
Bonnie 10/10/2008
I love the idea of being able to send something like fresh, hot Krispy Kreme doughnuts, because that is something that I cannot personally send to my missionary, since I am over 2000 miles away on the East Coast!
Cindy 10/08/2008
My daughter says your cookies are fantastic!
Mimi 10/03/2008
I use called2serve a lot. I have my second son out so for the last 3 years I have used called2serve several times a year. I love them so do my sons!
Dee 9/20/2008
Appreciate the convenience.
Alice 9/15/2008
I loved the ties and the cd. I love the selections of products!!
Shana 9/08/2008
Everybody loves the care packages that I send them. My son LOVES the cookies. They are a hit!!
Kris 9/04/2008
It’s been fun.
Karen 9/03/2008
Custom sure makes it convenient for sending a package to my college student….so far from home!
Amy 9/01/2008
I loved being able to send items other than just food.
Denice 8/27/2008
Tried several others…enjoyed being able to choose what to send in package and the options you provided.
Anonymous 8/20/2008
I’ve recommended your services to lots of people. I think it’s great. Would love to see more specials. That would probably drive me back to the site more often.
Michael 8/13/2008
A young man from your company called when we requested certain flavors of Gatorade and made a trip to the store so our son could have the kind he liked. That was going beyond the call of duty. Thanks!
Tiffani 8/09/2008
I found this a great way to send my missionary a little something to keep his chin up!!
Patricia 8/05/2008
Wonderful service for those of us who live a distance from Provo.
Susan 8/05/2008
Thanks again! We’ll contact you when our next missionary gets to the mtc!
Brandy 7/31/2008
Called and the owner, even though he was leaving town, said he would drop it off before he left 🙂
Ben 7/22/2008
the selection of items to send was much larger than expected
Diane 7/21/2008
Wow! My son will be so much happier having Krispy Kremes and your yummy looking cookies, rather than anything I baked! This was super easy and he will love this
Emi 7/13/2008
I Love it, its a great way to send love
Michael 7/10/2008
Great that you can ship Krispy Kremes to the MTC!!!
George 7/9/2008
This is a great place to order a package for your missionary! It had all sorts of creative things, as well as yummy treats that will make any missionary glad
Shawna 7/8/2008
I didn’t know about this sight but another mom whose son was in the MTC told me about it. I’m glad she did
Pam 7/7/2008
Your prices were very competitive, actually the best on the web! With the quick delivery, and great prices and selection of packages, there is no need to go to any other site!
Penny 7/7/2008
Wonderful service!
Shirley 7/5/2008
Ordered these Krispy Kreme’s for my last Missionary grandson when he left MTC for Guatemala and he loved them. Now will be a tradition for all my grandsons, 7 more to come in the near future. Thanks!!
Dusty 7/3/2008
They went the extra miile to get my package there on time! Thank you
Ann 7/1/2008
This site is great! Good idea…
Laurie 6/28/2008
Thank you for your great company!! We so enjoy being able to send goodies to missionaries…those from our family and our ward family. We have also sent goodies to my father there– who has served in several positions for the last 8 1/2 years at the MTC! Being in California…we love being able to send him things delivered right to the MTC desk!! thanks again
Chelsea 6/28/2008
It was a good experience
Kathy 6/25/2008
It makes it easier to send ‘goodies’ to my grandson and I love having the option to customize the packages! Thanks for your help in helping me show support to my missionary! Thanks again!
Nelma 6/20/2008
We love sending surprises to our missionary cousins and friends! Thanks
Beth 6/18/2008
Terrific service and products for missionary families. Great values, fabulous delivery and customer service
Katherine 6/18/2008
Thanks, we’re having fun. We haven’t heard back from our missionary yet but we think he’ll enjoy this.
Helen 6/9/2008
This is a great service for our young men and women who are so very far away from home. Some of them for the first time. It helps to know that they can get a little bit of home delivered, as if I were baking it myself. Thank You!
Beverly 6/8/2008
I love this site….Thank you for making it so easy to share the comforts of home with our loved ones.
DeAnn 6/7/2008
You make it easy for us to “send love” to our missionary. Thanks!
Anna 6/5/2008
Thank you ever so much for giving me an opportunity to continue to give to my missionary. As a mom, your site is incredibly helpful in assisting me as to what and how to do this. Also, I had called and asked someone to call me to which I immediately received a response. Great customer service!!!
Taylor 6/4/2008
GREAT!! We’ve used this site for all our missionaries!
Danielle 6/3/2008
The prices were great and you can’t beat the MTC delivery charge….FREE
Mandy 6/2/2008
Very easy & great prices. Have used it many times. Love the different packages
Una 5/31/2008
I found other military packages but what I loved about this site was that I can build my own package
Anna 5/30/2008
Thanks for allowing me a way to continue to spoil my missionary even if he is only in the MTC for three weeks. It comforts my mommy heart!
Kathleen 5/29/2008
I sent Crispy Creme doughnuts to my daughter in the MTC. She loved them! Now I am sending them to my son. I will wait to see if he gets them while they are still hot.
Mary 5/28/2008
The easiest and quickest way to get it to the missionaries!
Wendy 5/23/2008
Great prices! Really appreciate the free MTC delivery! Thanks for making it easy to put a smile on my son’s face!
Margaret 5/22/2008
First time but I hear it is a great service.
Debra 5/22/2008
Love you guys!!!! It’s been great sending fun little things to my missionary!
Margaret 5/20/2008
This is a grest idea
Cassandra 5/20/2008
This is a great website. I hope to see more items coming soon!
Dale 5/19/2008
My wife and I are both deployed right now, and I ahev found I like your stuff alot this is my second order and I am pleased
Kristin 5/14/2008
Great service! Appreciate the free shipping!
Sherri 5/14/2008
It’s great to let the missionary know we are thinking of them
Amelia 5/13/2008
Awesome site to use!
LaVora 5/11/2008
great service!
Dianne 5/9/2008
Great variety at reasonable prices. It’s much easier than having to purchase, package and ship boxes myself. Great without the hassle!
Cynthia 5/8/2008
Since we are in the process of moving, this has been a great way to let our missionary know we are thinking about him, without the time involved in shopping and shipping ourselves, thanks!
Tricia 4/28/2008
This is a great service. I was glad it was recommended
Jana 4/28/2008
Thanks ! Very convenient!
Deb 4/22/2008
My Missionary loves getting your packages! ! !
Megan 4/22/2008
Great service and items. UK customer
Amy 4/21/2008
I love this website and have used it a couple of times to send a package to my little brother. Not having to go to the post office with three little kids is FANTASTIC!
Michelle 4/17/2008
Awesome website!! Keep it up!
Starlyn 4/17/2008
I have used this MANY times. I hope it is as easy to use for when he gets to Montreal Canada!
Dominique 4/16/2008
Placing an order from Scotland UK, to our brother in MTC. Fantastic service
Dallin 4/10/2008
Thanks for the great service to our great missionaries!
Linda 4/8/2008
very easy & just the greatest
Stacy 4/6/2008
I love this site! My fiance is always TDY or deployed and I love sending him little things like this. Thanks for making it possible!
Brent 4/2/2008
What a great, easy-to-use service!
Debra 4/1/2008
First Missionary and I’m trying to figure this whole thing out. It’s fun to send some little treat. Glad you were on ldsmissionarymoms
Hillary 3/30/2008
This is a great service. Thank you!
Starlyn 3/25/2008
I love this site! Thanks
Matthew 3/24/2008
Well priced and easy to use especially for families living overseas
Rodney 3/20/2008
Easy and convient
Sharon 3/19/2008
Being in Massachusetts, I was glad to find an LDS company to send a care package to my college student in Utah! I wish I had found you sooner!
Megan 3/18/2008
Very good website! My favorite missionary website out there. Thank you!
Megan 3/18/2008
Called2Serve has been very helpful to me as I’ve had four kids serving missions. Every where from Russia, El Salvador, Utah and lastly Washington. Thanks for the last minute help over the last 9 years
Starlyn 3/14/2008
I love this place! Thank you for your service to our missionaries!
Cindy 3/12/2008
Easy and quick when I don’t have time to put one together myself
Alan 3/12/2008
Thanks for the service for our missionary
Susan 3/11/2008
Loved the website and I can’t wait til my son receives his birthday package
Sondra 3/11/2008
Love it! This is a great way to send to the MTC in a quick way
Kim 3/6/2008
Love it!
Pam 3/1/2008
Thanks for making it so easy to send warm fuzzy’s to a missionary!
Linda 2/29/2008
I appreciate that you called to confirm my son’s address when there was some confusion
Colleen 2/27/2008
Buffy 2/24/2008
I have used you before in the past and been very happy with the service. Thank you.
Dolly 2/23/2008
I am so thankful that you are in business blessing the lives of our sons and daughters with love from home
Clifton 2/19/2008
Easy to use
Elizabeth 2/18/2008
The prices are pretty good and there is a fairly good variety to choose from if you want to make your own package. There could always be more choices, but it isn’t too bad
Ana 2/15/2008
I like the fact we can pick and choose from the already set packages
Lori 2/14/2008
As a first time missionary mom of a sister missionary going foreign, you have soothed all the anxiety of getting a message of support and yummy things to my daughter in the quickest possible way. What’s not to like about Krispy Kreme doughnuts? My daughter will LOVE this!
Niccole 2/13/2008
It was so nice to find a site that had the packages all set up for you. The choices were amazing!
Lena 2/12/2008
live overseas and so this is a great way to get things to my sons while they have been serving their missions with a lot of ease
Dee 2/11/2008
Thankful you can help me spoil my missionary with goodies!
Sheri 2/10/2008
I am so thankful for the the service to the MTC. We are on the other side of the country and it really took the stress of the holiday off our shoulder being able to have a package delivered to the MTC for free and in time for the holiday
Jeri 2/8/2008
This is a wonderful service and very fun!!! Thank you
Heather 2/8/2008
Packages are very professional and well put together
Betty 2/7/2008
It was great to send that last package to my missionary before he heads out and have it get there soon. Thanks so much
Barbara 2/6/2008
Hi, this is our third missionary out. It is so easy to oder the products from called 2 serve. My missionaries have loved the treats!
Jennifer 2/5/2008
A fantastic way to support our missionary! Easy to use and worth every sent!
Meaghan 2/4/2008
Very Reasonably Priced
Cindy 2/4/2008
Thank you for providing this service
Crystal 2/2/2008
I am so thankful that you guys are in business! I spent forever searching for someone who would deliver to APO/AE addresses
Trina 1/31/2008
Very easy to get around and a nice selection to chose from
Jana 1/30/2008
My son loves the cinnamon rolls
Kathy 1/30/2008
I loved your selection! Definitely more broad than other MTC delivery websites I have looked at
Brenda 1/29/2008
My daughter’s favorite flower is daisies. I was delighted to find some daisy cookies to send her at college
Tamara 1/28/2008
This is our 2nd missionary that we’ve used your services with. We love the convenience! Thanks
Wylette 1/26/2008
Great site for missionary families!
Bonnie 1/25/2008
Your service is commendable. The ease of shopping and sending the package is a real advantage to this Grandmother. Thank you.
Tamara 1/24/2008
A friend recommended Called2Serve and I’m so glad she did. A great, easy way to send a care package to your missionary
Doug 1/11/2008
This is our first time ordering, we hope that the donuts get to the MTC fresh and yummy
Lisa 1/10/2008
thanks for letting me send my son a treat!
Stephanie 1/8/2008
Love this service…especially free shipping to the MTC! Thank you for the great service!
Sandra 1/3/2008
Called2Serve is wonderful service! My son and his companions in the MTC have made several comments of approval about their goodies!
Melissa 1/2/2008
Easy site to use and its gret to get free shipping to the MTC! Thanks for having something useful to send to my missionary!
Ashley 1/2/2008
This is great!
Vickie 12/27/2007
Whitney 12/24/2007
Very nice service offered!
Kelly 12/23/2007
Creating the package was simple and easy. My husband is in the service over seas and I know he will enjoy a little taste of home.
June 12/21/2007
When you’re far away from a loved grandchild, and you want to “treat” them — you’re there! Thanks so much. Now, if you could just deliver hugs . . .
Ellen 12/19/2007
Thanks for providing a great service! It is comforting to know that I can get goodies, etc. to our missionary quickly while he is in the MTC
Rocky 12/17/2007
Its great to have this service to be able to send these yummy products for our son while he’s in the MTC
Brooke 12/17/2007
Kent 12/14/2007
Great service. Thanks for providing it. I have referred this service to others that have missionaries out. Thanks
Susan 12/8/2007
Thanks for something fun that can help us who feel so far from our loved ones feel a little closer
Juliet 12/7/2007
Thank for having this business to help the mothers
Tad 12/4/2007
Simple and easy
Kathy 12/4/2007
I have loved It has made sending packages to my missionary very simple and my son has loved them. Thank you!
Sandra 12/3/2007
I really appreciated the convenience of being able to shop online and have things delivered without having to go out and gather, box it up and mail it off. Thanks heaps!
Shawna 11/29/2007
What a great service! A great selection and fair prices. A great way to send a gift to our son in college.
Frances 11/27/2007
I have used y’all twice and will in the future. Thank you and God Bless
Kevin 11/25/2007
Your Site Is Great You More Items to Pick From and Better prices
Jolie 11/25/2007
quick and easy process! thank you!
Kelly 11/21/2007
Much better than the last time I ordered online. The missionaries love getting Krispy Kreme doughnuts! Thanks!
Melanie 11/20/2007
I was so excited that you had free shipping to the MTC!
Annette 11/20/2007
First time I have used called2serve. So fare it is very nice.
Carly 11/19/2007
So much easier than going to the Post Office!
Var 11/17/2007
It’s so easy Dad’s can do it!
Karen 11/16/2007
Love the free MTC shipping! Thanks!
Janis 11/13/2007
This was easy and the selection of products is great!
Hilary 11/7/2007
I like the variety that you offer compared to other websites!
Linda 11/5/2007
Thanks for making this service available – it helps those of us who are not close
Emily 10/30/2007
This was really easy. Thank you!
Nina 10/27/2007
Excellent website – first rate layout and ease of use…
Miranda 10/27/2007
A lifesaver. You helped me salvage my boyfriend’s birthday
Nina 10/26/2007
much better selection than when our older sons served… thanks !
Connie 10/24/2007
Thank you for kind help over the phone to get the order through
Sandra 10/24/2007
It’s such a relief to have a company such as yours to help ease a mom’s separation anxiety.
Jennifer 10/22/2007
Thanks for the ease of sending a package!
Renee 10/21/2007
So glad you offer such a service!
Cathie 10/20/2007
We think you guys are the best! Thanks for allowing us to brighten a missionaries day!
Lynn 10/19/2007
The selections look really good! If our son likes them, maybe we’ll order some for ourselves!
Crystal 10/19/2007
What an easy and fun way to send a care package! Thanks for the great options and ideas!
Krystal 10/18/2007
Great Experience. Great Prices.Good idea.
Vickie 10/16/2007
I LOVE have this service available for our missionaries!!! Thank you!!!
Catherine 10/15/2007 is a great website and makes sending wonderful packages to my kids at college very quick and easy, thanks!
Linda 10/15/2007
Very easy for Grandma’s to use! Thank You!
Thomas 10/15/2007
I had an excellent experience here! I just wished it was easier to find this store and it’s products through google. (found the product indirectly through another web site) Thanks!
Brenda 10/13/2007
Thank you for the free MTC delivery. It’s very kind of you:)
Kendall 10/12/2007
I love sending treats to the mtc. Very easy. Thank you
Heide 10/12/2007
Nice to have the local delivery option with prices of S&H getting so high. Fun selection. Thanks
Ann 10/8/2007
Thanks for having this available. I was actually looking for a get well package like chicken soup and could not find on the web anywhere available to send to my dad’s address so thanks for being here.
Mary 10/6/2007
This is my second missionary with whom I’ve sent packages from Called2Serve. It’s easy & convenient! I’m happy to see that “real food” has been added and the toys are fun too.
Kathy 10/4/2007
I have used other missionary care package companies and really like your company. You do the shopping, packing and mailing and the convenience is wonderful! My son has loved the packages he has received
Nelma 10/4/2007
I used you 2 years ago for my first son, now the second is in MTC. I love you!
Chris 10/4/2007
great service to any one away from home
Kelly 10/4/2007
awesome idea
Nelma 9/30/2007
I’ve used your service since my son went on his mission. Now I send treats to cousins and friends. So fun!!!
Janice 9/30/2007
Great Service. Thank you for offering the packages makes it so easy for us to provide a little cheer to our missionaries!
Janice 9/20/2007
Report from my missionary is A OK You are providing a great service. Especially like the opportunity to send a note with the pkg.
Paula 9/20/2007
It is wonderful to have the free delivery to the MTC.
Wayne 9/12/2007
Kaie 9/10/2007
great site and love what is available.
Karen 9/9/2007
very good and easy..i will most likely will shop again
Wendy 9/9/2007
Awesome SERVICE at a great price. How nice to have FREE delivery to the MTC!
Shauna 9/7/2007
This is a wonderful service for those of us that do not live near the MTC! Keep up the great work!
Susan 9/6/2007
My son in the MTC told me about this web-site in a letter because other elders had recieved a package and he wanted one. So we sent one.
Clyde 9/6/2007
Thanks for your service. This is wonderful.
Christian 9/6/2007
Great Selection!!
Nancy 9/5/2007
This is a wonderful site. Thanks for making life easier!
Kathy 9/5/2007
We are so glad we found your cinnamon rolls
Claudette 9/4/2007
Our sone enjoys receiving packages and this makes it easy for me to send them, it is quick and I can do it anytime of the day or night!
Ellen 9/4/2007
Great experience with ordering–I’m anxious to see how the missionary likes the end product.
Audrey 9/3/2007
I called the missionarys mom and told her about the site and she will be ordering also. Thanks for such a great service
Jessica 8/31/2007
Selection was larger than I expected and I liked that we could choose the color of packaging and write a message. It was great. I’ll use it again.
Lindsay 8/30/2007
I’m excited for my brother to get his doughnuts! How convenient!
Lori 8/21/2007
Thank you for the service and products. My daughter has been delighted to receive her packages. And they have been so reasonably priced !!!
Marisa 8/20/2007
this is great. my brother is on a mission and i get to support him and give him treats to show we are behind him 100%
Areta 8/20/2007
loved it
Ashley 8/19/2007
thank you for having drinks–I live too far away to ship Gatoraid without it costing a ton. Your site is perfect for the MTC
Bob 8/17/2007
Great Products and Service
Kamron 8/17/2007
I wish I had known about Called2Serve when I was in the MTC–what a great service!
Julie 8/14/2007
My son loves krispy kreme donuts, I know he will love getting them at the MTC
Brittany 8/13/2007
What a great company! This is my second time ordering; I had great success with the first order, and I hope to have the same with this one. Keep up the good work, and thanks for all you do!
Nancy 8/12/2007
fabulous user friendly site! Thank You for making it easy!
Sandee 8/10/2007
Great stuff. Very affordable. And good variety! Thanks!
Amber 8/9/2007
I love this website. It is easier than going to the store and creating your own package and the shipping is cheaper!
Connie 8/7/2007
This is a great service. I know it will help our whole family keep connected to their missionary THANKS
Marilynn 8/3/2007
I think called2serve is awesome and I have suggested it to many friends
Vanessa 8/2/2007
thanks for this service. the time it would take me to put a package together with 4 children still at home is stressful enough! Very reasonably priced too!
Cathy 8/2/2007
The web site is easy to use and the check out process was very simple.
Janiece 8/2/2007
I’ve used your service several times, it’s great everytime.
Lisa 8/1/2007
Thank you for making supporting our missionary so easy! I really appreciate your service!
Diane 7/29/2007
I am thankful for this service. It makes it easy for us far away.
Crystal 7/29/2007
Thanks for your service!
Malinka 7/29/2007
What a great idea! So easy for friends and family to send something fun, very quickly!
Tawna 7/28/2007
The last time I ordered, the package got to my son in Chile within 10 days. I was very pleased with the service.
Brenda 7/27/2007
Dawni 7/26/2007
Thank you for delivering to my son! This is my first order and I am excited about your service!
Dave 7/20/2007
I loved it. I loved that we can print a custom message in color!
Stacey 7/20/2007
Great service, Thank you
Klantz 7/19/2007
YAY i love you guys!
Stacey 7/17/2007
I am new to this site. I have sent packages the old fashioned way, and this is the fastest and cheapest way to go. A great way to lift spirits, and keep smiles on the faces of our hard working missionaries. Thanks!
Kristin 7/16/2007
Think it’s great! Especially the free shipping!
Nanette 7/9/2007
What a fun service! Especially appreciate the free shipping to the MTC!
Suzanne 7/9/2007
Thanks for making it easy to support my missionary
Nancy 7/5/2007
Thank you, these items are rare to find on the internet to get shipped tomour soldiers- Thank you!
Larry 7/4/2007
All is well
Lori 7/3/2007
Loved using this while my son has been on his mission. It made sending packages much easier! He has enjoyed them as well and used the packaging to send things home!
Christal 6/28/2007
It’s been a great website for not only missionaries, but my college students. They’re always excited and surprised to get a package!
Trish 6/27/2007
Awesome service!!!
Areta 6/25/2007
what a fun place to shop!
Karen 6/23/2007
Shaun 6/21/2007
great service!!
Pam 6/19/2007
love your web site!! keep it up!! thanks so much!!
Stacey 6/17/2007
This will be our last order. Our daughter is returning from her mission to Temple Square on June 27th! Thank you for offering this wonderful service!
Lori 6/12/2007
Thanks for this service!
Jamilyn 6/12/2007
This company and service is great!! I thank you!!
Karen 6/7/2007
Good specials!
Bobbi 6/6/2007
Thank you for making easy for me to send fresh goodies to my daughter in the MTC and to the one at BYU.
Amanda 6/4/2007
I love the free MTC shipping. This business was a great idea. Thanks.
Linda 6/1/2007
I asked for some healthy choices and you did it! Thank You!
Jill 5/31/2007
so far, much better than the last company I used.
Denise 5/29/2007
Your site is fun and awsome!
Audrey 5/25/2007
I love your service. What a great way to say I love you to our missionaries
Karen 5/22/2007
Nancy 5/15/2007
I have used this service before and I just love it.
Linda 5/15/2007
Thanks for adding the Healthy snacks..Wheat Thins, Triscuits, canned cheese etc.
Laurie 5/14/2007
Appreciate your service. We had donuts delivered to our son and he thought that was great! Thanks again!
Sherry 5/8/2007
Thanks for proviging this service!
Alyse 5/2/2007
Great Company!! Saves me a lot of time and money when it comes to sending out packages!!
Annette 5/1/2007
Thanks! This is a great service!
Dennis 4/30/2007
Great site- I wish this would have been around when I served!!!
Pam 4/26/2007
Pam 4/25/2007
Brenda 4/25/2007
Very easy to use web site. Thank you for your service to my Elders!
Mitzi 4/25/2007
This is my second order. My son loved the cinnamon rolls. This is wonderful. I like picking my own stuff to go in the box!!! Wonderful!!!
Brenna 4/25/2007
This makes life so much easier. It took me like 3 min. to place the order & it would have taken me at least 3 hours to bake my own, run to the store for pretty wrapping, & then to the post office to stand in line & mail them! you guys are great!!! Thanks!
Linda 4/24/2007
Very easy site to use…with a great selection…
Heidi 4/24/2007
I like that you can pick out your own stuff to go into the package and do not have to go with one that is already made up.
Kristin 4/23/2007
Love It!
Linda 4/23/2007
very nice company
Elsie 4/23/2007
Living in England, sending packages to the MTC is expensive and delivery is slow – I’m so glad you offer this service – ordered in a flash, delivered in a day! thank you
Kimberlee 4/22/2007
Love your service
Vicki 4/21/2007
I have ordered from you before and I have been very satisfied and would highly recomend you to others! Thanks for such wonderful service.
Beth 4/21/2007
Great Products and Service
Laurie 4/21/2007
You guys do a great job. My son has been pleased with how nice things look when they arrive.
Deborah 4/19/2007
I like the idea of college care packages. great job
Dan 4/16/2007
I had no problem with finding what I wanted to send to my Aunt and Uncle and am very happy with what I found! 🙂
Lewis 4/11/2007
Was easy to use and will use again
Bobbi 4/11/2007
I appreciate you helping me to let my daughter know that we are thinking of her. You make it so much easier than going to the store, finding a box and going to the post office. Thanks
Amanda 4/10/2007
THANKS SO MUCH for offering this service!!
Kelly 4/9/2007
I love that shipping to the MTC is free!
Lisa 4/5/2007
Great idea!
Jessica 4/4/2007
It is so nice to have this option with sending packages. Fun, Fun ideas!
Tamera 4/4/2007
Thank you!
Jamilyn 4/3/2007
You guys are awesome!!
Kathleen 4/2/2007
You have Peeps! One of the most important Easter Candy items!
Pam 3/29/2007
I love your web site. Thank you so much for thinking of it.
Pam 3/28/2007
Joani 3/28/2007
Great service to offer.
Todd 3/28/2007
I think this is a great service you provide. Very helpful to missionary families. Thank you!
Kayleen 3/28/2007
Called2Serve was recommended by other Missionary Moms. I am finding it very helpful. Pricing is not bad.
Susan 3/25/2007
Thank you for this service. It saves so much time and makes it maybe too easy?
Kimberlee 3/20/2007
Love it!
Vickie 3/19/2007
So much easier than trying to mail something my self!!!
Dannen 3/19/2007
Really impressed with the quality of the products, ordering ease and the delivery service
Cayli 3/18/2007
It is very nice to be able to put your own package together so the missionaries get what they want/need. I am glad I found this site it is totally awesome
Cynthia 3/17/2007
love it
Ross 3/16/2007
So far I am very pleased with what you have. Thank you for the great service. I know my son loves the food especially the cinammon buns
Kathy 3/15/2007
Thanks for the service. It’s wonderful to have it
Brenda 3/14/2007
Great web site. We appreciate it
Kathy 3/12/2007
Loved how easy it was to send a package off!
Melissa 3/12/2007
I love this website and the products offered. My brother is in the MTC and I know it helps him to receive packages–and it helps me to send them!
Sheila 3/8/2007
I appreciate someone taking care of our missionaries when mom can’t be there.
Cindy 3/7/2007
This is great. What a treat for my missionary in the MTC. Thanks for your hard work.
Melissa 3/5/2007
This service is wonderful!
Shirley 3/1/2007
This is one of the most wonderful services to our precious missionaries from family who live so very far away from the MTC. Thank you!!
Rachel 3/1/2007
Good Idea this kind of stuff is so handy when you are taking care of the ones you love most.
Melanie 2/28/2007
Great service
Katie 2/28/2007
The prices are great! And unique packages are offered!
Sheryl 2/26/2007
I loved the variety of items there were to choose from! I also loved the wraping selection to make it more exciting!
Holly 2/16/2007
I used this 7 1/2 yrs ago when my other son was in MTC 🙂 It makes it convenient 🙂
LaRue 2/15/2007
Wonderful Service
Melanie 2/15/2007
Thanks for including a space for me to write a note to my son! This is an awesome service! It is as helpful to me as I’m sure it will be to him to have this option!
Tifani 2/15/2007
Thank you for making package sending so easy!! I love this!!
Kirti 2/12/2007
Your services are awesome! it save me putting together all these items and mailing it out myself.. thank you!
KENDEE 2/12/2007
Susan 2/11/2007
I used this when my daughter was in the MTC and have continued to recommend this to every parent of a missionary. Thank you for doing this service
Kira 2/9/2007
This is such a great site! Easy for me to send my missionary items to let him know I care! Thank you!
Deanna 2/9/2007
Love your company! This is the best way to order a special gift to our missionary son serving in COLD Wyoming!!
Sharon 2/9/2007
Love your selections! Thank you
Wendi 2/8/2007
This is my first time…wish I would have had this available with my previous missionaries…looking forward to using you more in the 2 years to come. Thanks for helping me support my missionary.
Megan 2/5/2007
love the free shipping to mtc!
Shirley 2/3/2007
You’re a blessing to parents of adult kids, from mission through college you’ve been there for us, thankyou!
Cindy 2/3/2007
large variety to choose from, Very pleased
Jeffery 2/3/2007
You guys are the best. An easy and quick way to get packages to our son.
Jennifer 2/2/2007
excellent site, easy to navigate and checking out was a cinch!
Brynna 1/30/2007
as long as he’s happy – i’m happy
Pamela 1/29/2007
This is a easy way to send a special package to any missionary. Thanks for your help!
Laurie 1/28/2007
I love the variety
Rauna 1/26/2007
Your service is greatly appreciated and fun to use I would recommend it to others and will use it again. Thank you
Faye B. 1/25/2007
Great Job – Thank YOU
Laurie 1/22/2007
I have ordered with you for the last two years and plan to continue for another two.
Leta 1/22/2007
I have found it very cost effective for those of us out of state. My missionary son has loved what he has recieved. Thank you!This is very easy and convenient and if you think oh no I forgot only have to come here and he gets it in a day!
Susan 1/21/2007
I was looking at the military packages! great fun for the troops!
Sue 1/19/2007
Jayme 1/11/2007
Such a great service you offer for all us missionary moms. Thanks!
Vickie 1/10/2007
This is a great way to send things to my missionary!!! It was so much easier than trying to do it myself! And the cost was about the same! Thank you for all your help!
Heidi 1/10/2007
Best site for care package variety! Thanks!
Chrissy 1/9/2007
The Customer Service Representative was very helpful when I called to ask for help.
Susan 1/6/2007
Have used you before, and been very pleased with quality and service!
Daniel 12/27/2006
love it!
Christi 12/20/2006
It’s is a beautiful service to those serving. Thank you.
Choon 12/20/2006
This is a great service. It’s a very convenient way to do something nice for our missionaries. Saving time, postage, and energy more than make up for the price.Aloha, Choon James
Heather 12/19/2006
People were very helpful!
Jeff 12/19/2006
I think this is a great way to send gifts/packages to your missionary.
Brooke 12/18/2006
It’s great and easy
Natalie 12/18/2006
Much better pricing than others and I love that I can pick and choose to create a custom package.
Andrew 12/18/2006
I was looking for a nice, yet inexpensive care package to send to a freind. was perfect.
Sonya 12/15/2006
I apareciate your service, Thanks
Kathryn 12/14/2006
The staff was so nice. They went the extra mile to get a package to my daughter who had been in an accident.
Carl 12/14/2006
Easy way to send the missionaries in our ward a special hello or package.
Carole 12/14/2006
People are always pleased with what we ordered and what they received.
Julie 12/13/2006
have used your site before & the elder really liked the items sent!
Jerrery 12/12/2006
First time I have used it, but I will use it again!
Katherine 12/11/2006
Easy and very convenient at a busy time. Thanks
Michelle 12/10/2006
amazing website!!! good ideas
Pamela 12/10/2006
Fair pricing and very enjoyed by our missionary.
Karen 12/6/2006
This is great…I’m sure I will use your service in the near future when my son enters the MTC!
Deanna 12/6/2006
I have used your services several times and have always been pleased. I think you provide a great service for those who want to send a little love in a box of goodies. Thank you!
Brenda 11/29/2006
Your doing great. I really love having this help to support my missionary.
Lisa 11/29/2006
Thank you so much! Great packages
Karee 11/22/2006
Great service!
Jaime 11/21/2006
Check out was easy and your selections were very good.
LeAnn 11/19/2006
Thank you – it helps to send my Son some love from home.
Cherie 11/17/2006
Very easy to use with lots of selections
Elizabeth 11/16/2006
Thank you very much for having this service! As a mother who cried herself to sleep last night this is perfect therapy for myself as well as my missionary!!!!!
Paula 11/10/2006
thanks for having this website.. meant the difference in my daughters mission
Mark 11/7/2006
Better prices then and easy to use!
Sonya 11/7/2006
I was really excited to learn about your service. Thanks
Michele 11/3/2006
Great website–I’ll definitely use it again to send packages to my missionary!
Gordon 10/31/2006
Great Stuff!
Carole 10/30/2006
great choices
Joy 10/24/2006
Cara 10/23/2006
This is my first time using your service for international, but I did you it while my son was in the MTC and he loved it!
Vicky 10/23/2006
Each time I’ve placed an order, the contents have been fresh and delicious–a just reward for those about to labor very hard for others.
Elizabeth 10/23/2006
I think this a GREAT service for missionary moms. It is so easy to use and a good way to keep in touch with your missionary. After all what missionary doesn’t like to get a package!
Kaysha 10/23/2006
Great that you ship to FPO/APO addresses
Valerie 10/20/2006
Great choice of bakery products.
Susie 10/19/2006
what a great service for parents to send treats to their missionaries in the field – THANK YOU
Kandy 10/16/2006
Great thing.
Elise 10/14/2006
I’ve used Called2Serve several times and have been very pleased. Thanks for the service.
Katherine 10/12/2006
I think its great. Much cheaper than shipping from home. I like the idea of them getting the suprise the same day I order.
Sandra 10/11/2006
My sis-in-law told me about this site and it’s awesome! What a fun & easy way to send goodies to your missionary.
Ruth 10/9/2006
I loved that shipping to the MTC is fast and free.
Whitney 10/9/2006
I wanted to get something shipped quickly because I didn’t have alot of time. This was exactly what I needed. Thank you! I will use you in the future!
Katie 10/9/2006
You have helped us before with all our missionaries and so far it has been good for them.
Cheryl 10/9/2006
Love the free shipping! My son really loves these pkgs.
Casey 10/4/2006
I love this service that you provide to the family and friends of missionaries. I love that you can add to your packages individual items. Best care package website for missionaries I have seen!
Lera 9/28/2006
The free shipping to the MTC is a real plus!
Melinda 9/27/2006
This is great for college students!
Sharon 9/27/2006
Thank you for being so helpful, when placing an order. I will continue to place orders, and also recommend you to everyone!
Carl 9/27/2006
Quick & Easy
Shawn 9/25/2006
Jennifer 9/19/2006
Glade 9/18/2006
Son loves the Cinimon rolls!
Chelsea 9/14/2006
his web-site is so nice and convient. It still lets you be personal but without having to go to the store then mail it. Love the site.
Kathy 9/13/2006
My daughter is very picky and I was glad to find the cinnamon buns -her favorites! Always looking for different ∓ unusual treats – not just same ole packaged kind!
Mimi 9/13/2006
My son was in MTC last year, I used you a lot. Now 2 friends are in the MTC and I have told many people about your service. Thanks. Your fresh donuts are a BIG hit with the missionaries!
Crystal 9/12/2006
great for those who don’t live in the US to send packages to missionaries in the provo MTC
Gail 9/11/2006
Always very helpful and easy to send gifts to missionaries in the MTC.
Ronald 9/7/2006
Your service is immensely helpful in supporting my son on his mission.
Virginia 9/6/2006
thank you!!
Gina 9/1/2006
Great web site!
Trina 8/30/2006
Love the selections
Jennifer 8/30/2006
This is a very cool way to send missionaries packages ! thanks!
Kate 8/28/2006
I sent a Cinco de Mayo care package in the past and it turned out great! The pinata was adorable!
Karen 8/27/2006
Very convenient!
Natalie 8/23/2006
I love your free shipping to the Provo MTC. Thanks
Catherine 8/22/2006
Quick, easy, reasonable, he got it without problems. Fabulous!
Sarah 8/17/2006
Very helpful for busy Moms and Dads.
Pernille 8/15/2006
Called2Serve is the best service for sending thinks to your dear missionaries!
Pernille 8/14/2006
I think that it’s a good think that I am able to see all the things that are in a package.
Joan 8/13/2006
This has been so much fun to find things my son might want in the MTC. He loves it.
Ann 8/13/2006
Troy 8/6/2006
Fast, easy, convenient
Callie 8/4/2006
I’m so greatful that Called2serve is there for my Elder, when I can’t be! Thank you!
Jimmy 8/1/2006
This made the sending of a care package to a missionary very convenient. Thank you.
Joan 7/30/2006
Thanks for providing a way for us to send fresh treats to our missionaries
Leslie 7/26/2006
I appreciate your making it easy to show my love and support to my missionary son and nephews, as well as to my son who’s a student at BYU!!!
Emily 7/26/2006
I love that packages can be “personalized” and that there is free shipping to the MTC!
Vickie 7/25/2006
I loved shopping with you, the variety is awesome.
Dawn 7/24/2006
I found out that my son was very ill during his first week in the MTC. That is hard on a mom and I was really grateful to have this service in order to send my son a “get well” package. We live in Michigan, so even just a letter takes several days to get to him. Using this website, we were able to let him know right away that we were thinking about him during that rough week.
Joan 7/24/2006
I was happy to find a way to send treats to my son.
Lena 7/18/2006
Great Service!
Diane 7/18/2006
I loved sending my grandson a treat. thank you
Christal 7/13/2006
I’ve used this side many times over the years, and you’ve made it even easier to order! Thanks
Peter 7/12/2006
An amazingly easy experience – great products, fast delivery…a great product and service for the $ – highly recommended!!!
Jolie 7/12/2006
A very nice site! Easy to use with cute packages! Just the perfect thing to show my missionary pals how proud of them I am!
Joyce 7/11/2006
I appreciate the serevice to Mexico as I have sent several packages through US Mail that have not been rerceived.
Nancy 7/7/2006
I love having this service there at my fingertips. I makes it so much easier to send our missionaries treats, etc. Thank you for providing this.
Jordyn 7/5/2006
this is a great service, thank you!
Rachel 6/30/2006
I like using called2serve for sending care packages as it is cheaper for me to go to the web site then to drive all over town searching for what I want to include. Then I don’t have to make the trip to the post officee to mail it. All in all I really love the conveince the web site provides to getting our missionaries a little surprise every now and then.
Cheryl 6/30/2006
I love being able to order items for my son on this website. I am so thankful that this is available for me to send him packages this way and to know that he gets them.
Terry 6/29/2006
It was great we only wish we would have found you with our other son’s
Ashley 6/29/2006
i have got care packages from here before and they always get to the person i send them to really fast.
Li 6/27/2006
I am grateful for a website that caters to missionaries. It is wonderful to be able to shop and ship from home and know that your missionary will receive it in a timely fashion.
Noreen 6/20/2006
I like the fact you can pick and choose your items, most care pkg sites you are “locked in” to specific items. I have been sending care packages to family for several years and I like this site so far the best due to prices and the ability to choose what you want.
Jennifer 6/20/2006
its a great service to missionaries! thanks!
Rauna 6/18/2006
this is a great service thank you
Dee 6/15/2006
Great to be able to send “goodies” to our missionary
Kristen 6/14/2006
I enjoyed the opportunity to create a custom package for my brother. I tailored it to his unique style.
Virginia 6/14/2006
nice how you can create your own package, rather than only offering pre-made packages
Tara 6/13/2006
I love that it is delivered on the same day!
Jen 6/8/2006
Too fun..they get the package fast!!! Thanks a bunch!
William 6/8/2006
I love the email reminders. I love my son/Missionary, btu often get tied up and forget to send him things.
Collette 6/6/2006
This is a great service. I like being able to send my son something yummy within just a few minutes of thinking of it!
Melinda 6/3/2006
Thank You!
Sarah 6/2/2006
I am so excited to have found this website!! This is going to make life so much easier when sending things to my missionary. He will be so happy to recieve the items I sent him!! Thank you so much for providing this for missionaries!!
Melissa 6/2/2006
awesome service
Jeanne 5/30/2006
It had a good selection of products!
Kymberly 5/23/2006
I have loved your service and recommend you when ever possible
Jade 5/22/2006
I’ve been referred to you by other families who love your services. Thanks a bunch!!!
Jan 5/18/2006
My missionary is very pleased with her goodies!
Deanna 5/18/2006
I love the fact that I can order something and have it delivered to my missionary more quickly than if I sent it from home. I used this service with my first son and am grateful that you are still providing quality services and goods to our missionaries. Keep up the good work!
Janet 5/17/2006
Your site is wonderful. A one-stop place for not keeping Missionaries happy, but making it easy for family and friends to show their love and support!
Geri 5/17/2006
thanks for making it easy for us to send goodies to your son!
Amanda 5/17/2006
I’ve used you guys before and its a fast and easy way to send out a great gift
Deborah 5/11/2006
A really great service – makes me look good as a mom!
Kimberley 5/11/2006
ou great service, thank you!
Heather 5/10/2006
Thanks! It’s great to be able to send things to my son so easily!!
Peggy 5/6/2006
I was excited to hear about you. I called Krispy Kremes to find out if there was any way to get some donuts to my missionary in the MTC and they recommended you. This is awesome! Thanks
Jed 4/27/2006
I really love the fact that even though I am far from home I can send something nice to someone close to me.
Shellie 4/26/2006
My son loves your baked goods. Thank you for providing this wonderful service.
Larry 4/20/2006
I was happy to find so many options to choose from. It was great!
Janet 4/20/2006
Great Service! I tried sending my BYU RM cookies from home via priority mail… it took ten days and they were stale. This is super.
Kamla 4/13/2006
The prices were surprisingly very affordable, thanks
Michele 4/12/2006
Thank you
Rebecca 4/11/2006
Thank you
Laura 4/11/2006
I appreciate your website and your service.
Pam 4/11/2006
Once again, you’ve made being a missonary mom easier at Holiday time. Thanks!!!!
Carlene 4/11/2006
Christie 4/11/2006
You’ve been a great service!!!
Janet 4/11/2006
I’m excited to have found you.. this is my 4th missionary, and I’m traveling for a new grandbaby.. I’m glad he’s getting his cadburry eggs in spite of my hectic life!
Janet 4/11/2006
I’m excited to have found you.. this is my 4th missionary, and I’m traveling for a new grandbaby.. I’m glad he’s getting his cadburry eggs in spite of my hectic life!
Shellee 4/10/2006
thanks for this great service!
Debie 4/8/2006
Thank You for doing this. it is reasuring for moms to be able to send a little something to their sons and daughters!
Blythe 4/6/2006
I really enjoyed all the options that you had. Other websites only provide certain packages and here I can choose what I want to be in my package!
Laurie 4/6/2006
This has been an easy fun way to get different things to my missionary.
Trudy 4/4/2006
Thanks for offering this service. I appreciate it!
Adirauga 4/1/2006
This website is great!!
Janet 3/31/2006
This is my first experience – but have heard so many good things I know I will be satisfied!
Ron 3/31/2006
This is a very cool service for our young missionaries and much appreciated. also your free mail is great. Thank you
Sherry 3/30/2006
Have used you several times and will continue to use this service
Teresa 3/29/2006
My son really enjoyed his St. Patrick’s Day package.
Debbie 3/28/2006
Awesome idea!!!! I am anxious to to see the products and to hear about future packages. Thanks so much!
Robert 3/21/2006
Nice variety… I think Elders would love to get most of this stuff.
Kris 3/20/2006
Great care package site! I’ll be back!!
Adam 3/15/2006
it was very cheap and very easy
Crystal 3/11/2006
You guys are great!!
Eugenia 3/9/2006
Great Experience!
Eugenia 3/1/2006
Great Experience!
Eugenia 3/1/2006
A great way to keep in touch and get goodies to them fast!
Brooke 2/28/2006
Nice and easy and convenient!
Jeff 2/27/2006
Great service
Choon 2/23/2006
I’ve had three sons go to MTC and we always joked about not succumbing to spoiling our “sissies” with too much treats. But the whole floor enjoys these treats too. So here I am. It’s so convenient to go online! Thanks.
Brenda 2/21/2006
Thank you so much for the free shipping and fresh baked goodness to the MTC. I really wanted my new Elder to have a “love” message from home quickly, upon arriving to the MTC. Thanks
Betty 2/20/2006
Your service is getting better all the time I first used for dau now for grandch
Sherri 2/18/2006
Your selection is great! I spent a lot of time looking and visited every department. Your website is very easy to navigate.
Jill 2/14/2006
Great Idea! Saves me time. My missionary will enjoy “store bought” items.
Lisa 2/13/2006
Makes it a lot of easy fun to give and to receive.
Rhonda 2/10/2006
I think you’re great! We’re on missionary #2 now and you have been so helpful in the past.
Elise 2/8/2006
You’re doing great. Thanks for the service!!
Alison 2/8/2006
I love this site and have given it to moms who have sons coming in next month. I like that I can order the pre-packaged products and create my own. I have used this service 3 times in the last month!
Diane 2/6/2006
You guys are awesome and this makes it so easy to let our missionaries know we’re thinking of them!!! Thanks
Jan 2/2/2006
My daughter used your site and thought it was great, now that she is there, I am using it too.
VerJean 2/1/2006
I appreciate this way of sending missionaries packages
Christal 1/26/2006
Great website, I even use it to send packages to my son at BYU. Always a great response from those who receive a package!
Elizabeth 1/26/2006
Thanks for the good ideas
Jennifer 1/23/2006
Your website was very easy to navigate with lots of fun things to look at!
Janene 1/23/2006
Great Service! Thank YOu!
Ann 1/20/2006
Very Positive experience and hassle free, a good reliable needed service
Janna 1/18/2006
Thank you!
Jennie 1/18/2006
i thought it was a fun, inexpensive way to send a treat to my missionary. It saved me time and money in the long run!!
Lisa 1/18/2006
So fun and easy to make a missionaries day.
Alison 1/16/2006
It is so nice to have this service be able to get to our missionaries so quickly and with such a fun variety of packages. Thanks!
Judy 1/11/2006
This is a WONDERFUL service you provide!!
Olivia 1/8/2006
Wondeful site!! Everything anyone could every want to send!!
Mikki 1/6/2006
I love the variety of items you have to choose from. Thank you so much for this service.
Ann 1/3/2006
Thank you for taking care of our son while he is away! His letters rave about your packages!!
Carie 1/3/2006
I am thrilled you do this service. My missionary is loving it
Blaine 1/2/2006
Great Experiance!!!
Jodie 12/28/2005
This will help a bunch with sending fun things to my missionary!
Keith 12/22/2005
It is very nice to be able to send fresh baked goods. We live in the east and it would take awhile for stuff to get there and stay fresh. Thanks for the free delivery of mail and packages to the MTC.
Willow 12/21/2005
I e-mailed for assistance and was answered within 5 min. – wow!
Kristin 12/20/2005
Wonderful service!
Michelle 12/20/2005
This website is a fantastic idea! I think it really helps the Elders adjust quickly.
Ramona 12/19/2005
When I used this for my son, it was great and now hopefully my niece will enjoy them as much as he did.
Mary 12/16/2005
Very nice site. Thank you for making this available to us.
Tara 12/15/2005
This is a great way to send packages to missionaries. You make my life so much easier! Thanks called 2 serve!
Lisa 12/15/2005
Thank you–you provide a great service!
Lloyd 12/14/2005
Glad you’re there.
Michelle 12/12/2005
Wonderful as usual!
Diedre 12/10/2005
Great products and good prices–nice to have available for my college student!!
Jody 12/9/2005
I really liked how there were so many choices. It was so easy to do send a package in my busy life. I din’t know about this website but will use it in the future.
Melissa 12/7/2005
My niece enjoyed the care package – my nephew is at college now – so it’s his turn to receive one.
Christi 11/27/2005
Thank you for the free MTC quick delivery–the delay with regular mail means he might think we’ve forgotton him!
Lyle 11/21/2005
Love the free MTC email. Thanks so much!
Cathy 11/20/2005
Thanks for making this so easy to get some goodies to the MTC!
Jay 11/19/2005
Great service! Our daughter went on mission a few years ago, and we never new about this site with these beautiful packages. Now her brother is on a mission in Colorado, and Mom and Dad send him packages from called2serve, and it makes him happy, and it makes us happy!
Stacey 11/17/2005
I love it. The packages are excellent!!! Great Quality and Great price!
Lynn 11/16/2005
It’s great. I appreciate the service so much. You have a great variety too.
Keith 11/15/2005
The Elders *LOVED* the raspberry sweet rolls. I got letters from 2 missionaries I don’t even know thanking me for sending them to the Elder from our stake (who shared them with those 2 Elders). Great product.
Kristin 11/15/2005
Wonderful service!
Allison 11/14/2005
What a wonderful site & idea! Thank you for making it so easy to “care” for our nephew!
Tracy 11/14/2005
Thank you for helping me make my missionary happy and know he is loved.
Spencer 11/12/2005
This is absolutely wonderful. It allows me to send the packages that I don’t have time to prepare.
Kim 11/10/2005 is a fun and easy site. They have a broad variety of things that would make any missionaries day!
Beth 11/6/2005
I really loved the option of picking the color of the grass in the package, and also being able to make a free greeting card–that was so cool! I shopped around a little before choosing this site, and found to have the best prices on the net, with some of the greatest variety of goodies. Thanks for the service!
Keith 11/6/2005
This is a great service. It’s really nice to send a package without the hassle of shopping, boxing, and going to the post office. Awesome idea and valuable service for our missionaries.
Hope 10/31/2005
Thank you for helping me take care of my son
Krista 10/31/2005
Love it!
Aubrie 10/27/2005
Great selection at a fantastic price! Thanks Called2Serve!
Meghan 10/27/2005
It is nice to be able to get a great package off despite my busy life. Thanks!
Nina 10/26/2005
I love this site and so does my missionary
Bridget 10/25/2005
I think this is a great service that you are providing.
Tiffany 10/25/2005
we love it!
Heather 10/23/2005
This website is awesome! I send stuff to all my friends when they get to the mtc they love to get something from friends and family!
Tara 10/23/2005
Excellent service!! Missionaries should be thanking you because you make it so easy to send things that they are going to be getting tons more packages than normal!! You make it so easy! Thanks!!!
Kristine 10/21/2005
Love the packaging themes! Also, prices very reasonable and shipping time prompt!!
Olivia 10/20/2005
wonderful site!!!!
Cari 10/18/2005
Thank you so much for having such a site. I love being able to send things to my brother with such ease.
Lisa 10/15/2005
My son sent us a letter and a tape begging for more orange rolls! He loves them – in fact, his whole district loves them!
Heather 10/11/2005
loved the photo message option!!
Melynda 10/11/2005
great website
Matt 10/10/2005
This is a great opportunity for family to share with a missionary
Sarah 10/10/2005
I knew what I wanted and you had it right there on the home page. Thank you called2serve!
Nina 10/10/2005
I like how their are different variety of packages and pricing for various occasions. I also appreciate the prompt delivery to my missionary waiting diligently by the mailbox
Ann 10/9/2005
This is an easy and fun way to show your missionary you are thinking about them without the stress of shipping things yourself
Marie 10/8/2005
I am very happy with your website and service and I expect to be only pleased when my brother gets his package!! THANKS SO MUCH! I would never get this kind of thing put together without a herculean effort as a mother of three toddlers!!
Carolyn 10/6/2005
I think this is a fantastic way to send letters and packages to your missionary!
Nikki 10/2/2005
this is a great resource for people who are tyring to send gifts to their missionaries. it saves money and it is just awesome!
Marsha 9/30/2005
Thank you for your service to our children
Megan 9/30/2005 makes it easier to get your missionary what you want to send them without all of the hassle.
Diane 9/30/2005
I think you’re service is wonderful and I have used it several times for my own son and for friends. You provide a much needed service at a reasonable cost. Thank you.
Lisa 9/28/2005
It was a simple, easy, no hassle experience. Will definateley shop again here
Lisa 9/26/2005
When i found this website it gave me such a huge sense of relief knowing that my missionary will get his treats the next day.thank you so much
Sue 9/23/2005
thank you it is so helpful
Trudi 9/23/2005
I have not used your service in a long time. But it was nice to find it still available when I needed it.
Pam 9/23/2005
Thanks for a great and easy service
Heidi 9/22/2005
Thankyou! He loves cookies!
Janet 9/22/2005
I am happy to be able to share something with my brother while he’s in the MTC and I know that he’ll get what I send !
Isabelle 9/21/2005
Thanks for the great service you offer
Kristen 9/21/2005
I love your site! I like having the option of what little things go into my box. It’s more personal that way. Thank you so much!
LuAnn 9/20/2005
Thank-you for your services. This is a great way for us to send a package to our missionary and it is affordable.
Sarah 9/20/2005
Great site!
Alanna 9/20/2005
It is so nice to have this service available right at my fingertips! Mail from Provo gets to CA faster than from VT. Thanks so much!
Danielle 9/17/2005
i really liked this site- its very reasonably priced and unique. id definitely shop here again!
Carolyn 9/15/2005
A great way to send a package and personal greeting to your missionary
Pam 9/14/2005
This will be a great service, thanks so much!!!
Karen 9/14/2005
You guys are awesome!! This was my best find online!
Jonelle 9/13/2005
Easy to use!
Suzanne 9/13/2005
Good products for the price
Sofia 9/10/2005
I was pleased to see such quick package and delivery service options.
Mariam 9/10/2005
I tried to order something for my son using another company but me being in Germany with an APO AE address made it not possible to use them. I cancelled the order and used you again. I won’t use anyone else but you.
Joan 9/9/2005
Great Service!
Geri 9/4/2005
This is so cool!
Elizabeth 9/2/2005
Great Service. I wish I would have known about it sooner.
Nancy 9/1/2005
I have used your service many times now, and am very happy with it. You provide a wonderful service.
Debbie 8/29/2005
Easy way to sent a quick gift
Kay 8/27/2005
My daughter used this site for her Elder boyfriend now husband and it was great He loved it.
Eve 8/28/2005
everything was perfect!
Julie 8/26/2005
love this service
Lisa 8/25/2005
This is so convenient, thank you so much for doing this!
Nancy 8/24/2005
You’re great! Especially the Krispy Kreme donuts. My Elder loved them. Great idea.
Nancy 8/23/2005
Fills a need, easy to do, great prices…I’m very satisfied!
Tamera 8/23/2005
Love the cinnamon roll idea..seems more homemade somehow!
Vicki 8/19/2005
What a sweet idea!
Thank you for offering this service!
Charlotte 8/19/2005
Called 2 Serve,
YOU ROCK!! Thank you, Thank you for providing such a valuable service to our young Missionaries. Our Missionary and his district appreciated all the goodies and fun, but mostly the opportunity to stay in touch is the “tender mercy” that helped us all make this adjustment. Can’t thank you enough, God Bless all of you.
Nancy 8/18/2005
We ordered doughnuts for our missionary, and they were VERY popular! Called2Serve does an excellent job! We are very satisfied customers.
David 8/16/2005
Thanks for providing such a fun and helpful service.
Matthew 8/15/2005
I think this is a great website.
Alanna 8/15/2005
You make it so easy to send a reminder of love to our son. It’s a wonderful service. Thanks so much.
Mike 8/13/2005 is a fresh, innovative and convenient way to support our missionaries. I will use it again and again.
Dave 8/12/2005
Thanks for providing a great service.
Diane 8/12/2005
Pretty cool site – wish I’d have found it sooner.
Debbie 8/11/2005
I love that I can customize my package and get quick delivery to my missionary
Jennifer 8/9/2005
Thank you for your prompt delivery. My aunt and uncle really enjoyed the cookies and sent me an email today.This is a quote from her email. “Wow, were those good cookies. They must have been baked fresh this morning.”

I appreciate your good service.

Best wishes, Jennifer

Stephanie 8/8/2005
Biggest selection and best prices!
Becki 8/5/2005
What a great idea and such a fun variety of things to send. Great prices too, thanks so much! 🙂
Tiffany 7/30/2005
I love this website, it is so helpful to me to show love to my missionary!
Marsha 7/26/2005
This is such a great service for our missionaries. They really love it, and say the cookies are great.
Audrey 7/22/2005
I have used Called 2 serve before, very happy with packages.
Kathy 7/18/2005
I think this is a great site. Thanks for helping me to be able to remember my missionary with fresh yummy treats!!
Debbie 7/15/2005
Thanks for making packages possible. Helps me alot.
Rauna 7/12/2005
It is very nice to have my shopping and delivering done at home. Thank You
Lori 7/11/2005
It is so great to send packages to our missionaries
Michelle 7/9/2005
This is a wonderful site and I’m just so happy I found it. I’m sure Elder Edler is gad too! I can’t wait to see new products cme in as well as these great ideas.
Marsha 7/9/2005
I think it is a wonderful service you have offered for our missionaries.
DeVonna 7/6/2005
I just found out about you, and everything seems to be great. I love the ease of having a package delivered without my having to do anything but place the order. Thank You!
May 6/30/2005
You guys are awesome!
MaryJo 6/29/2005
thanks for having these products available to send to my missionary, it was fun and easy to do
Katy 6/29/2005
Thank you for this service
Carolyn 6/28/2005
You have made my life easier!! This is the only way to go to send packages to my missionary!!! Thanks for your service
Nikole 6/24/2005
It is very easy to use and free shipping is GREAT!!!
Nerissa 6/23/2005
I love how it has such a variety of products!!
Suzie 6/22/2005
This is the second time I’ve used your products. My son loved them!
Michelle 6/14/2005
I love this service. Thanks for offering it.
Merle 6/12/2005
I am trying your service first time, thru Googling for missionary delivery services. This is great! It was really slick to place an order.
Meladee 6/12/2005
Great Web site
Terese 6/11/2005
You have many different products and they are priced very affordably. This makes sending my nephew things so much easier! Thanks for the wonderful service that you are providing!!!
Crystal 6/10/2005
This is a missionary mom’s dream to have this kind of service.
Maud 6/10/2005
good work
Danielle 6/9/2005
I really appreciate your website. I think it’s great that we can do this for our missionaries. Letting them know we care.
Nelma 6/8/2005
Sending packages this way is so much fun! Great job!
Janet 6/7/2005
Great to have a company that is reasonable in price and great in service and product!
Catherine 6/6/2005
This is a great service. We especially appreciate the e-mail message available with the package. Prices are very affordable.Delivery has been very prompt and appreciated on the other end by our missionary!
Cheryl 6/6/2005
This has made it so much fun for us and our missionary. Although I am now addicted to sending packages!!
Chloe 6/3/2005
this is excellent! good idea, fast, good prices, and helpful! thanks!!!
Elise 6/3/2005
I’ve used it twice now and it’s great!!
Ashley 6/2/2005
Great website… easy to use and a ton of variety!
Michelle 6/2/2005
It’s a very nice service for us mothers who are left to worry how things are going for our missionarys.
Kristi 6/2/2005
Thanks for a wonderful service!
Ashley 6/1/2005
It is a perfect way to take care of the ones you love!
Dawna 5/31/2005
Karen 5/26/2005
Thank goodness you exist.
Kristi 5/26/2005
This is Great !! Thanks for making it so easy and affordable to send stuff to a Elders.
Margaret 5/23/2005
We found your service invaluable while our son was in hospital. We were able to send him a gift AND a message almost instantly.
Cheryl 5/22/2005
This service is wonderful. I am sharing it with all my friends who have missionaries!
Cheryl 5/22/2005
Thanks for making it so much easier to get something to our boys. It is an easy way for me to let him know we are thinking about him .
Janet 5/20/2005
Have used you recently before. Impressed with your quick service. Keep up the good work. You will definitely get more of our business.
Amy 5/19/2005
Great site- thank you for providing this service. 🙂
Louise 5/17/2005
This is an awesome website! I wish it would have been around our other missionary was out in the field. My only suggestion woulbe be to keep my billing info on file so I don’t have to keep inputting the credit card number. I’ve been ordering about once a week and your products have received rave reviews not only from our missionary but from his companions as well. I’ve received thank you notes from his roommates!! Thanks for caring about the missionaries.Response
Thank you for your suggestion! We are working on an improved checkout system that will allow you to save certain billing and shipping information for future orders.
Pam 5/16/2005
Its great! Really nice after hearing that my son broke his wrist in the MTC to know I can get him a package the next day.
Karen 5/12/2005
I love the variety of your products and your prices are very reasonable.
Kandy 5/12/2005
This was great fun for our 17 year old son to send to his step brother. We loved as we picked out the best one for him.
Linda 5/12/2005
This is a great way to get the treat and things to my missionary… Thanks!
Debbie 5/4/2005
Thank you for your service to our missionaries.
Wilma 5/3/2005
I had tried to place an order on line with another company and tried for 2 days and could never figure out what to do after I got on line. Thanks for the easy way to contact my missionary.
Lynda 4/25/2005
I’ve had nothing but great success with Thank you Called to Serve!!
Michelle 4/22/2005
Best Selection I’ve seen. Love the ability to include photos. I’m looking forward to using this site frequently!
Marilyn 4/21/2005
This was so much fun! My missionary will love it.
Linda 4/19/2005
I have used your wonderful service a number of times, and I love it! I recommend it to all of my friends with missionaries.
Bob 4/18/2005
Vivian 4/15/2005
I liked the chat assistance available with regards to any questions. It was great
Kristen 4/12/2005
Wow – Great idea! Wish I’d thought of it.
Jessica 4/11/2005
Called2Serve is a awesome service! Its so nice to send a package and know it will get there and be presentable!
Robert 4/11/2005
You prive an excellent service. Thanks.
Ronda 4/8/2005
I am so happy that I fond you. I know that my son will be thrilled!
Catherine 4/8/2005
thank you! great idea!
Lucy 4/8/2005
Your orange rolls are the best to be found
Lina 4/8/2005
Thank you for the best service to our missionaries.
Keri 4/6/2005
This is a great and easy way to show your missionary that you care.
Kira 4/6/2005
The website is very easy to use and we like that fact that we can send Krispy Kremes, not just cookies.
Lisa 3/31/2005
Erin in online support was great…..very helpful!
Emma 3/30/2005
wonderful, it makes me happy that i can make my missionary happy through you
Teisa 3/25/2005
I really like that you can send a message along with the packages…Thanks
Cindy 3/22/2005
Only had problems trying to insert a photo from my computer. Otherwise…the Web Site was GREAT! Especially for a Missionary Mom. Thanks for being my link to my Missionary Son!Response
We sincerely apologize for the problem you experienced. Besides greeting card photo uploads, we also accept Microsoft Word document uploads. In future orders, you may consider inserting your photo(s) into a Word document and uploading that file.
Terri 3/17/2005
Thank you for this service. It is awesome!The greeting card option is a bit time-consuming but your choice of packages is terrific and customer service reps have been friendly and very helpful. You have a very creative staff! Thank you.
Summer 3/16/2005
I think this is such an invaluable service to anyone who has a loved one on a mission! Thank you for giving us the opportinity to express our love for them!
Kendall 3/10/2005
I like how you have different things for different holidays.
Janice 3/5/2005
I loved the convenience of not having to log in cause I have passowords for everything and its hard to keep track of them. I show up, shop and checkout and that all.
Lynda 3/5/2005
I have had three sons serving missions, two out of the country and one in the country. Called2Serve has been my source for every one of them and has never let me down!
Nancy 3/4/2005
This is a great way to help parents get fun packages to their missionaries. Keep up the good work!!
Sheila 3/2/2005
my son left on 3/2/05 for his mission-and i am glad to find this service so i can easily send him care packages-thanks
Salie 2/28/2005
I think this is a good thing…
Susan 2/27/2005
Great service. Already told others about you, Thanks
Ruthie 2/23/2005
Everything runs smoothly and its nice to have so many options of items to send. I would love more “fun” or useful items to put in the box.Response
Thank you for the suggestion. We will be adding some more “fun” products in early March 2005. We are always trying to improve our product offerings for LDS missionaries.
Marilyn 2/23/2005
Super Service! Thanks
Nanette 2/21/2005
Thank you for taking care of our missionaries while they are away from home!
Karene 2/21/2005
What a great service to have availbale for our young men and women. I wish I had known about it sooner.
Lacy 2/20/2005
This is a wonderful site and I love being able to send care packages to my missionary.
Jane 2/18/2005
Called2Serve is the best MTC special delivery company I have found. They have a wondrously large selection of items to choose from to send a missionary, and seem to always be increasing their choice of items! The prices are good and quality of the homemade product is great. I especially enjoy the colored packaging available to suit each occasion for the packages. I have used other companies for my missionary sons but always return to this one! They really try to serve these valiant missionaries as they are preparing to serve the Lord.
Jane 2/17/2005
I appreciate the support chat! Was very helpful! Glad to see IBC on the list now! Would like to see Pizza flavored Pringles added! You are great! I use and recommend you more than any other service!
Kelsey 2/17/2005
You should try selling Bread and jam also so that way the missionary can make their own sandwhich! Just an idea!Response
Thank you for your advice! Per your suggestion we have added the Missionary Lunch for Two package including a loaf of fresh wheat bread, peanut butter, jelly, and more…
Kim 2/14/2005
so easy to use
Jenna 2/13/2005
I like your service because it makes supporting your missionaries easy.
Vennessa 2/12/2005
I think that there are plenty of candy/snacks etc–I think that additional “fun stuff” such as stuffed animals or mini games would be great for your business!Response
Thank you for the suggestion! We are constantly seeking to improve our product offerings. We have added new, non candy/snack items including President Hinckley’s 6 Be’s Wristbands, The Porta-Coosh seat cushion, General Conference CDs, Party Balloons, Party Blowouts, and other fun items for missionaries. We will seek to continually increase and improve our product offerings.
Michael 2/11/2005
Add additional beverages to your selectionResponse
We appreciate your suggestion. We have added new beverages at your request including IBC Root Beer, Gatorade, and Sobe Health Refreshment.
Jennifer 2/10/2005
This is a gerat way to get some of my missionary’s favorite things to him!
Lanae 2/9/2005
Thank you so much for the wonderful gifts we can send to our sons. We mothers need things like this just to keep us alive!
Linda 1/31/2005
Very creative with the package themes.
Gregory 1/30/2005
Excellent service
Susan 1/23/2005
I’ve really enjoyed having the site available to use- I am very pleased with the service, and my son is enjoying it all.
Brad 1/18/2005
My son says your orange rolls are awesome. Ordering and delivery were very timely.

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